Parental Disclaimer

Parental Disclaimer

Your child has show an interest in Parkour; let's clear up a few things to set your mind at ease.

The Lowdown

First thing is first; it is best to disregard the "Fail Videos" on YouTube due to a very large number of them not being people that train Parkour, but instead being people who have just thrown themselves off walls with no due care or practice. This is not Parkour, this is stupidity and is the exact outcome that is eliminated by practising parkour movements and becoming more in-tune with one's limits and ability.

Now that that's covered I would like to move on to the two biggest untruths that are told about Parkour; namely-
1) We jump off buildings and 2) We must all do backflips.

1) Buildings, and jumping off them, don't really come into Parkour practice unless the practitioner is specifically developing his or her's ability to deal with fear. However even this specific method of combating one's own fear is a process best conducted at ground level with complex movements that are conducted precisely under pressure to simulate adrenal fear before even considering climbing buildings. And these techniques are far beyond the fundamentals and will not be covered with students as we do not aim to teach your children to climb buildings as part of their Parkour, there are plenty of obstacles at ground level to practice on and have fun with.

2) "Do a Backflip!" Is a common and fun heckle from many a bystander of our sport, however the actual necessity within Parkour to be able to jump up and tuck is very much null and void. Therefore the training for a backflip is not high on our priorities; instead focusing on break falls and safe movement over obstacles to develop spacial awareness, which we value 100% more than easier flashy moves such as the backflip. A considerable concern I have had from parents is the "danger of flips" in which they do not yet know the simplicity and ease of learning flips safely. Children obviously want to do backflips and obviously we do teach them,  but not for a long time and more importantly not until they're ready, in a safe environment, with lots of mats, spotting and progression. 

We are fully Insured and Certificated to teach your children Parkour in the safest way possible. We do not pass this knowledge on for the sole purpose of showing off to their friends, but to be physically and mentally able to find a solution to their problems and become an asset to their community. Holding Parkour classes is not a free-for-all babysitting session, every class is structured, every activity is supervised and we have goals with each of our students that are tailored to them to make sure they are gaining the most out of their time from this amazing sport, just as we did.I hope this article helped reassure any doubts you may have had with the idea of your child practising such a fresh sport, with little known about it compared with more conventional hobbies.
Of course if you have further questions don't hesitate to get in touch and LSP will do our best to give you the answers and explanations to any Parkour related queries. 

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About the Author

Connor O'Carroll

Connor O'Carroll

With many years studying technique and safe practice of Parkour, Connor utilizes these to focus on creative movement using simple surroundings for his own training.

He hopes to be able to share this method of creative expression to his students to see them too enjoy movement even if only given one unassuming obstacle.