Parkour in the Real World No crash mats, no problem.

Parkour in the Real World No crash mats, no problem.

When approaching training outside for the first time students can be worried about the possibility of injury or something going wrong. Rightfully so, considering they are surrounded by hard surfaces and substantial heights it is perfectly reasonable that they approach with caution and attention to their movement and the environment around them.

We insist on this attention to detail when teaching our classes as the students have a lot on their mind when trying to master a new skill and sometimes may forget the consequences of their actions if it goes wrong. One variable we teach students to suss out is the environment they are using, asking them when they approach a new "spot" to check the stability of the obstacles they are intending to use. This allows them to trust in the environment and put their focus into themselves which they have a lot more control over.

Parkour spots can be found in various forms and locations, these are areas that lend themselves to training Parkour. Unfortunately some spots can be found on private land such as a stair set in a parking lot or out front of an office building. When approaching these spots to train I would suggest the upmost respect for the area; for example making sure not to disturb flower arrangements, not to jump to unstable rails.

In addition to the actual location of the spot I always make sure our students have respect for the member of authority in charge of that area, i.e. security/worker/police, when asked what you are doing always react calmly and approach the member of authority directly to explain you are training Parkour and if they would like you to leave do so immediately without fuss.

One last thing I would like to mention regarding real world Parkour is that although solo training can be super beneficial for progress and self discipline I would suggest training partners be used when finding/training spots in towns/cities. This is because when out for the day it can be a much more positive time if you have a friend to bounce ideas off and make fun challenges with. Also in the unlikely case of an injury or emergency it is handy to have a friend to help you in that situation.

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Connor O'Carroll

Connor O'Carroll

With many years studying technique and safe practice of Parkour, Connor utilizes these to focus on creative movement using simple surroundings for his own training.

He hopes to be able to share this method of creative expression to his students to see them too enjoy movement even if only given one unassuming obstacle.