Parkour Ukemi - Why we teach it every class

Parkour Ukemi - Why we teach it every class

Parkour Ukemi is best explained as the art of knowing how to land or fall and recover correctly with minimal impact. This can be directly associated with Parkour, as we exclusively focus on training minimal impact and maximum control throughout our movements or else we wouldn't last very long at all.

In our regular class structure and within our outdoor workshops we always cover a form of Ukemi during the class after the warmup. We teach this aspect of Parkour every lesson because we feel it is incredibly important to developing a well rounded set of skills as well as a safe practitioner. A large part of Ukemi training is drilling the movements to create a strong set of muscle memories ready to be called upon when needed.

Repeating already learned movement sets (drilling) Ukemi techniques is a really good way of waking the body and brain up before learning new moves. It allows our students to get familiar with absorbing and distributing force from falls before aiming for a specific move or goal with the intent to stay on their feet. Once the movement has been performed with the fail embedded multiple times it is a lot easier to narrow down the margin of error and rectify it accordingly.

Throughout life our student's are going to fall, whether they continue training Parkour or not. With that in mind we feel obligated to teach our student's how to operate their body when stuff goes wrong as we at LSP use these skills often during our own training and life. The less dramatic reason for teaching Pk Ukemi is for the use of self progression within the sport; by learning how to fail a move safely a practitioner can then repeat the move without injury or negative setbacks. This allows them to build up to moves that are slightly outside their competency by getting close to the required result and walking away ready to adapt and get a bit closer next time.

If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to book onto one of our Parkour classes and we will inevitably teach some Parkour Ukemi to you then.

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Connor O'Carroll

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